Guernica by Pablo Picasso (sourced from

George Orwell hit the nail when he said,

‘The best way to end a war is to lose it’

What good has ever come of war? The destruction that rattles the very being of human existence is normally justified as a necessary defence mechanism that howls on for years and…

At Eternity’s gate by Vincent Van Gogh, sourced from
At Eternity’s Gate by Vincent Van Gogh, sourced from

The world is a sad place. We all are trying to make sense in this mess. There are magnitudes of emotions unevenly distributed amongst us. …

Dearest Jane Austen,

After the third full-read, various partial re-reads, innumerable viewings of the 1995 BBC adaptation, and carrying this story etched in my heart for more than a decade now; you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.

'I cannot fix on the…

‘I am a sick man, I am a spiteful man…’

The opening of this book remains my favourite opening of all times. I have always dreaded to review anything written by Dostoevsky. But I am trying this once with this absolute beauty of a book.

I have read this book…

Great stories are the ones which you happen to know about even before you’ve read them, and how can Iliad be an exception. Everyone knows about Helen of Troy, the Trojan horse, the brave Achilles, the empathetic Patroclus and the courageous Hector; and so even I was no stranger to…

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If I had known the sheer poetry and whirlpools of emotions this story would bring upon, I would have read the book first. But somehow, watching its film adaptation brought to life the beauty which romanticises throughout the story, and thankfully for this beautiful adaptation (which is such a rarity)…

The Lovers II, by Rene Magritte, sourced from

There is this feeling I am carrying in my soul for quite sometime now. …

And as the autumn leaves

were falling off,

Paving way for

a new season,

There stood a flower

Alone and swirling,

Beginning to sing

A lovely song!

It was beautiful,


Not your normal daffodil

But a rare rose that

Starred like a twinkle,

As it sang this song


From the shallow depth

of the sublime truth,

Alone, adrift, against the flow,
Came life,

Shining through the moonlight,

Shimmering through the night,

Bringing stars to this humble abode,
As the waves lapped,
And recited a tale
So very different from the usual tone,

Sitting through this all, mesmerized,

Wondering the very question,

That no one knows yet everyone lives;
To trade a life for a futile existence

Or to martyr oneself
For the eternal sustenance,

Of which very little is known
Of which very much is said;
For just like the moonlight,

It gets us past the darkness!
But it is indeed the darkness
That makes way for the light!

The False Mirror by Rene Magritte (sourced from Rene Magritte)

One day

I saw a man,

sitting alone,

outside a garden,

old and ragged

lost in his own world,

perhaps smiling

perhaps not!

He looked queer

strange and lost

but still profound

in his adrift stance.

Next day again,

I saw him there,

Still sitting the same way

Still adrift…

Oscillating Dimensions

A Dostoevskian Dream

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