Spot a Shooting Star!

My heart pains while writing this and there is a whirlpool of emotions brimming through my body while I plan on penning down something I wished I never had to ponder upon.

Rape. What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Agitation. Frustration. Helplessness.

Rape is a heinous crime but then again, according to some very intellectual people of our society, both parties involved are equally responsible for this crime because if a serial killer comes to murder you someday, you obviously instigated them to do that (or rob you for that matter).

Today, I am not here to blame anyone. I am here to blame myself. I am ashamed and I abhor myself for being a spectator of such incidents again and again, being a part of the various frenzy that follows and still doing nothing but writing my emotions down. I am ashamed that I live in a society where such inhumane acts happen and yet I have to smile tomorrow because I perhaps live in a parallel world devoid of any harm. I am ashamed that I live in a country where something so horrendous happens and still people have the audacity to support such crimes and debate upon that. I am ashamed that I am a part of this world.

Maybe other than just flooding the social media what we can do is, introspect our inner self. Aren’t you a part of a society which very poignantly showcases the various patriarchal norms in your everyday life? Haven’t you been a part of a world where women are expected to come back home as early as possible because if they are out late they might be sending invitations to some heinous creatures dressed as humans to rape them? Haven’t you heard or participated in a conversation aimed at objectifying your fellow female acquaintances? Haven’t you slut shamed a girl who drinks or hangs out with boys? Haven’t you been a part of a society where unconsciously or consciously women are being beaten off both literally and figuratively?

You might say how does this matters in context with the crimes draping our society right now. Well, it does. Because charity begins at home. Remember when #metoo was trending and you were amazed that how devastatingly enormous is the count of all the creeps hidden as humans. Well hiding behind that pale idea of sending creepy texts or eve teasing or stalking someone persistently is the major loophole, that is, our mentality regarding women.

Remember the time when Nirbhaya was brutally raped and you were so ashamed that you all marched off in support of the cause and in hopes that may be tomorrow you might not hear such horrid news ever again. But did it work?

A part of me died after listening to the horrors of Nirbhaya back in 2012 and my soul was forced to be tortured to death by hearing the extravagantly intellectual mentality of so many people in power. The very idea that such a thing could cause a debate was beyond my comprehension.

And now again brutality has resurfaced which sickens me to my gut and make me repent the very idea that I have to live in this society.

A society which celebrates such acts of devilish significance, a society which then debates upon the various ifs and buts of the situation, a society which blames an innocent for being a woman, a society which asks me to shut my mouth and follow the lead of men, a society which slut shame me on my success and a society which mocks me on my preferences.

So yes, I am a coward today (like most of you) who has been given this amazing platform of social media to vent out frustration and prove my agitation without actually stepping in for change.

Or maybe we can change… Can we?



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